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"Como el agua que sostiene la vida,

las artes salvan al alma sedienta."

"Like water that sustains life, the arts save the thirsty soul."



I  N  K


Aguas Arts Ink was founded by Francis Tanglao Aguas, with a view to diversify imaginations and creative landscapes. We produce the work of the minoritized and marginalized to create a space of dialogue, openness, acceptance, and solidarity. We support writers and performers who believe in shining a light on hidden stories and silenced voices. It is our mission to educate the public on the value and crucial import of artists and their place and purpose for all. We are committed to developing the next generation of diverse artists and the audiences and scholars who will sustain and support their work.


The Asian Centennial at William & Mary

We are on hiatus while our artistic director, Francis Tanglao Aguas, co-chairs the university-wide programming for the Asian Centennial at William & Mary, commemorating the hundredth year anniversary of the enrollment of the first Asian student, Pu Kao Chen.

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